Sunday, 22 May 2011

Roswell Week

I found these inspirational ideas on the Burdastyle site.  They fit in well with the garments I have completed for the Roswell Week challenge. 
Look 1: at the office.

Look 2: the gallery opening.

Look 3:  flea market hunting.

I will use these completed UFOs for layering and to put together a selection of outfits ready for the Me-Made-June'11 challenge. 

I have completed:
1. The 'letter' vest.
2. The purple patterned vest.
3. A combination of hemming projects, which include two pairs of black trousers and one silver striped pair of trousers.  Also, a winter skirt hemmed ready to be worn.

The remaining UFO garments will be posted shortly.

1 comment:

  1. Good for you getting all the hemming done, my Roswell week has been quite similar, lots of the finishing off of bits to do! I really need to learn to not give up on things just at the last minute!

    Lots of lovely versatile looks too-I never remember to put stuff together, generally if it doesn't clash that's OK with me!