Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Pattern treasure

Druleigh pattern

Simplicity 6281

I found these patterns in my stash.  I've had them for awhile and I think originally they came from a friend's mother.  When I was a student, and back from the city, I worked in their drapery shop.  The shop was like a treasure trove to me.  It's a shame that not many of these old school type of shops exist anymore.  Well, not where I live.  I would much prefer to rummage through the stock in one of these shops, than clinically shop on-line.  The experience is not quite the same.

The druleigh pattern is not one I've seen before.  The nightdress would be great to try out closer to summer and I don't think it will need alot of adjusting or redrafting.  Which is definitely not a strength of mine.  Sorry for the poor quality photos!!


  1. wow vintage patterns! I have my mom's stash of vintage pattern books too. But my sewing skills are limited, not enough for me to make a piece of clothing from scratch. Maybe someday, when I am a grandma and have more time...haha


  2. oh my i love vintage patterns!!!