Saturday, 31 March 2012

I'm Back

Over the last few months I have had extended leave from work. while I have been spending time with my father, who was given four months to live.  It's been such a difficult time that the last thing I wanted to do was update my blog.  So I decided to have a rest from blogging all together and just cope the best I could.  I had lots of support from family and friends over this time, but being away from home has also thrown up other issues.  Not all being bad, just readjusting to city life, living out of a suitcase and trying not to get bogged down with the task at hand.  

I found myself looking for distractions that seemed to come full circle in a way.  I went back to spending my time doing what I enjoyed as a student.  I would seek out the local thrift shops and then find a quirky cafe and spend time reading.  All the walking has helped; I have dropped a dress size and since I've been a plus sized girl for a few years now, that has made me feel so much better about myself.  Besides the fact that my grief had made my appetite dwindle over night.  It might not sound like much, but when you've always had difficulty finding nice clothing at a reasonable price, it is a bonus of sorts.  I found myself reevaluating many things in my life; my job, my lifestyle, the Works.  I guess it's all part of grief and change in general.  I feel like a different person; or at least the real me trying to get out.  

As I wasn't working for such a long time I needed to live within a budget, as I still needed to travel home every so often, so the thrift shopping was an excellent pastime.  I have always favoured New Zealand and Australian made products and I know many of the better labels; plus sized or not.  Over the next few months I will post some of my excellent op shop finds. 
I didn't travel with a laptop or my sewing machine, as I was staying in the Hospice accommodation during my stay in the city.  I did have my sewing kit and while I was op shopping I collected many items for embellishing my refashions.  So I didn't manage to do a lot of sewing, but I have purchased some wonderful items to refashion and recycle.  Visiting city markets has given me some great inspiration for embellishing and I have taken an absolute fancy to recycled jewellery.  I have read more than I have in years as I sat at my Dad's bedside, or in the local cafes; usually it's all work related articles.  

Life goes on and mines about to change; or is it that I'm going to give myself a big kick....  Time for a wine!