Friday, 30 September 2011

Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe

I have found these very impressive photographs at this site; to add interest to a blog post.

During the past week I had to Google "Capsule Wardrobe" to get a few ideas on how to organize my own wardrobe.  Days later I was still trying to read through the enormous amount of information I had gathered.  
Here are two sites I found very interesting:

The blog Sewing Plum, where the blogger has done a lot of the research for the exact topic I was looking for. One of the blog posts included information about updating your wardrobe.
'This year Nancy Nix-Rice is publishing an excellent series on optimising your clothes and accessories.

This summer she suggested a basic mix-and-match wardrobe of 12 items, combined into nearly 100 outfits.'
And from there I found the original information and went on to:

'If you’re sick and tired of a closet full of  "nothing to wear” the next few lessons are perfect  for you.  You’ll see how just 12 carefully-chosen garments can make up to 96 – really, 96! – outfits.'
I found this idea intriguing, so I signed up for the newsletter and began to read through the lessons from a series entitled 'New You in 52'.  The core items are probably already in my wardrobe and I'm so grateful the research has already been done for me.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Vogue Patterns

I bought this pattern about two years ago, but so far I have not been able to decide what fabric to make it with.  It would probably make sense to sew a practice run with a cheaper fabric, or a combination of fabrics.  Maybe the vest would be a good starter for the spring / summer season.  I love the white trouser, or cream linen trouser combination and I've got both sitting in my wardrobe waiting to be worn once the warm weather arrives.  Seeing I've had two bouts of the flu this winter, I can't wait for a chance to get out and about in the sunshine.  
Vogue patterns are some of my favourites and I've found the Marcy Tilton site with tutorials and variations on patterns, with detailed photos and instructions.  The garments are some of the best I've seen, because they allow for creative variations on a theme and encourage the use of embellishments.  
Ivory Tulle Jacket

Ivory cotton tulle and cream cotton tulle ribbon as band detailing.

Cotton tulle ribbons finish off the front edge and form the band.

Friday, 16 September 2011

New Season Sensations

What To Wear?
Having the low-down on what's up and coming for the new season is essential if you don't want to spend endless amounts of time window shopping and coming up short.  Or, as I have in the past, buying fashion duds that don't stand the test of time.  This is my magazine of choice for the new season over-view; Simply You always has a selection of styles that seem to suit all sizes and budgets.  I have been buying the summer and winter issues for many years now and swear by the magazines ability to show a variety of what's available for women in New Zealand.  

Wardrobe Planning:
My list making comes to the fore when the new issue if out, as I take stock of what I've already got and what I need to look out for.  I have already summed up my fabric stash for block colour combinations.
Colour blocking
The purple, pink, royal blue, red, turquoise and greens are my choice.  Unfortunately, orange is not my favourite and yellow makes me look like I'm sick, so no matter what the fashion season holds I'll be avoiding those two shades and leave it to those who wear it well.  At the moment I've got quite a list of thrift store finds and what to look for on my next visits.  The thrift stores in the nearest city are becoming very popular; possibly a sign of the times in more than one way.  When money is short people become very savvy in how they spend their pay each week.  For me I went back to sewing my own clothes out of frustration in not being able to find quality clothing at a decent price.  Also, I became adept at finding bargains in thrift shops.  Yes, it can be time consuming to seek out the best quality clothing, with a dash of designer brands now and then.  You need to have a good memory to remember what you already have sitting at home and how you can put together combinations that work.  This is always a challenge, but well worth the effort.    

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Red Rage

My favourite colour is red, in all its glory.  Summer or winter, I like to add at least one or two red garments to my wardrobe.  It's great to be ready and prepared before the season is in full swing.  So now it's time to make my pre-season list of what I already have and the fabrics I've got in my stash.

Saturday, 3 September 2011


Obi . NZ style at its best.
In New Zealand we have some truly unique looks for the coming year, however at the moment I am thinking
spring and the heat of summer; sun on my face and colour on my back.  I've already picked up some white thrifted garments and fabric with pattern on white.  The white wide legged trousers with a white cowl neck looks wonderfully fresh.  I've got white narrow leg and wide leg trousers thrifted last year ready and waiting to go.
Trelise Cooper is a NZ designer with beautiful range of clothes and accessories.  The colours make you want to sing!!  It's time to pull the coming seasons looks together to break the winter blues.