Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Vogue Patterns

I bought this pattern about two years ago, but so far I have not been able to decide what fabric to make it with.  It would probably make sense to sew a practice run with a cheaper fabric, or a combination of fabrics.  Maybe the vest would be a good starter for the spring / summer season.  I love the white trouser, or cream linen trouser combination and I've got both sitting in my wardrobe waiting to be worn once the warm weather arrives.  Seeing I've had two bouts of the flu this winter, I can't wait for a chance to get out and about in the sunshine.  
Vogue patterns are some of my favourites and I've found the Marcy Tilton site with tutorials and variations on patterns, with detailed photos and instructions.  The garments are some of the best I've seen, because they allow for creative variations on a theme and encourage the use of embellishments.  
Ivory Tulle Jacket

Ivory cotton tulle and cream cotton tulle ribbon as band detailing.

Cotton tulle ribbons finish off the front edge and form the band.


  1. Grace, I just finished a test garment from this pattern. You can find my review on PR-

    I love the top and plan to make it up again. It needs a snap to stay closed however-don't wear it in the wind ;-)

  2. Cannot wait to see what it's going to turn out...