Friday, 30 September 2011

Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe

I have found these very impressive photographs at this site; to add interest to a blog post.

During the past week I had to Google "Capsule Wardrobe" to get a few ideas on how to organize my own wardrobe.  Days later I was still trying to read through the enormous amount of information I had gathered.  
Here are two sites I found very interesting:

The blog Sewing Plum, where the blogger has done a lot of the research for the exact topic I was looking for. One of the blog posts included information about updating your wardrobe.
'This year Nancy Nix-Rice is publishing an excellent series on optimising your clothes and accessories.

This summer she suggested a basic mix-and-match wardrobe of 12 items, combined into nearly 100 outfits.'
And from there I found the original information and went on to:

'If you’re sick and tired of a closet full of  "nothing to wear” the next few lessons are perfect  for you.  You’ll see how just 12 carefully-chosen garments can make up to 96 – really, 96! – outfits.'
I found this idea intriguing, so I signed up for the newsletter and began to read through the lessons from a series entitled 'New You in 52'.  The core items are probably already in my wardrobe and I'm so grateful the research has already been done for me.

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