Friday, 6 May 2011

Refashion: Two-into-One

I've joined Refashion Co-op, which is a site I've been following for some time.  I'm very interested in what other people are able to make and alter from op-shop (thrifted) finds.  The dress challenge interested me alot especially as I have very few dresses, but alot of skirts and tops, majority of which are op-shop finds.  I have a lot of black skirts, in all lengths and styles, so I decided to do a bit of combining. 
I liked the detailing on this top

 I ran a gather stitch around the bottom edge of the top.  Then I matched the side seams, front and back of the top and skirt.  Because I'm quite short I didn't have to adjust any lengths; the top was the right length as it was and the skirt had nice overlay details.

I sure I'll be able to wear this dress far more than before as two separates.  It makes more sense to me, than to have it sitting in my wardrobe. 


  1. really like the detailing on the sweater!

  2. thanks for introducing me to Refashion Co-op, some very interesting stuff there! Nice work there on the top and skirt. I am thinking of something similar too but of different style...hope to get started soon