Saturday, 14 May 2011

7 Day Challenge

Roswell Week challenge

I came across this on an interesting blog, monkeysocks learns to sew.  This suits me down to the ground, I have so many UFOs (UnFinished Objects) sitting around my sewing room, it's a crime.  So here goes for Roswell Week.  I can no longer cover up my UFOs!  Thanks for the idea.

I did a quick tally of my UFOs and I came up with a list, mostly items that only need a little adjusting to complete.  All  in all, not a lot of sewing time, which will have to be completed when I get back from work.    It's probably taken me longer to find the UFOs in my sewing room and to decide which projects have priority. 
Here is my list - 7 completed items in 7 days

1. Grey cowl neck long sleeve top.
The top was already cut out, with grey mesh cowl and sleeves. 

2. Grey patterned vest for layering with the grey top.
I didn't like the round neckline, so will change to a V neckline, and complete.

3. 'Letter' vest, also for layering. 
It's cut out ready to go.

I liked the letters on the mesh fabric.

4. Purple knit jacket
It looks blue in the picture, but is purple.  Complete and top-stitch. 
5. Purple patterned vest.
Complete with one large button for fastening.  This is another vest especially for layering.

6. Circular scarf.
Complete tube and handstitch.  This a fabric remnant I bought especially to make a scarf.  I was taken by the lovely pattern. 
7. Combination of hemming projects
My seventh project is a combination of hemming projects.  All the items are thrifted and as I am short I nearly always have to adjust hemlines in trousers and skirts. There are two pair of black trousers and one black/silver stripe trouser.  Also, a textured winter skirt.  All are good brands that fit very well, except for the length. 

Some of these items have been sitting since summer, approximately four months.  If I'm going to take part in Me-Made-June'11 I'll need as many handmade garments and accessories as possible. I will post the completed items in 2 or 3 posts, or wait until next weekend.  Come and see how I get on; I've got no excuse!


  1. Yay! you can do it! best of luck with the challenge!

  2. There's alot of sewing projects you've posted here! Looking forward to seeing everything when your are done. Have a fun time doing it!

  3. cute! I have a lot of UFOs too, hope to get down t all of them. Thank you for the advice!