Monday, 25 July 2011

Cardigan & Jacket Looks

I have a number of projects on the go at the moment and time is short.  As it is the school holidays at the moment I had a very ambitious list of projects, one of which is a jacket to be worn layered. All my current projects are using knit fabric, which I find easy and versatile.  StyleArc have great inspirational looks and versatile patterns, definitely a must have for me.  I haven't tried any of the StyleArc patterns, but have a number of other patterns that can be adapted without too much trouble.
This pattern was one of about 10 that I picked up for 20 cents each.  The charity shop has proved to be an absolute minefield of discoveries.  I will post some of my other finds over the next few weeks.
This jacket has a very 1980's look to it, but is functional and exactly what I need for work.  Purple is one of my favourite colours and after visiting a number of cafes and restaurants in the last few days I have observed the amount of very black and grey ensembles being worn. Without the colourful scarves the looks would be somewhat dreary.  I enjoy people watching when I'm out and about to gauge what's out there in the fashion world.
Jacket styles are just so easy to alter and adapt for winter or summer looks.  Add a beautiful scarf and you're good to go.

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  1. Jackets !!! oHHH I have so many ideas for them but I havent tried one yet ! Its on my list of projects