Saturday, 11 June 2011

Me-Made-June Day 9, 10 & 11:

MMJ Day 9:

McCalls M5890

This is the shawl collar pattern that I have made twice now, which I could probably call fail safe, or fool safe.  I usually wear a 'uniform' to work daily and my wardrobe needs to be a mix and match of essential 
pieces that are practical and smart for school. 

Teaching young adolescents can be challenging and puts you in the limelight for sometimes unusual scrutiny.  As a role model for young people it is important to portray professionalism and to never under-estimate the influence an adult can have on the young people we teach.  I try to reflect this in my wardrobe; not too much black and grey in one outfit.  Also, I feel more confident wearing colour, with a dash of individual creativity. 

MMJ Day 10: 

This pattern is a basic that I have adapted many times to suit the variety of tunics and vests that I make.  It seems to suit me well, in all the short and long versions that I have made.  Since I first bought this I must have acquired various other patterns that are similar, but this is one of my favourites as it is already tried and true when it comes to fit.  
MMJ Day 11:

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