Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Keeping a journal

Image of the world; iridescent, brilliant and fluid. 

My blogging has had to be sidelined recently for living life and all that entails. Family and work have taken centre stage for some time now.

I will be starting my journalling experience gradually.  This is my start!!
I have been researching various sites learning about visual diaries and art journals. There seems to be no workshops or courses available in our immediate area, but there are numerous online courses.  I've purchased the resources required and I intend to concentrate on the processes and techniques to develop and then from there.............who knows?  

 My plan is to start writing and documenting our recent trip to the USA and our side trip to Cancun in Mexico.  This was the first time we had traveled to either country.
It was so inspirational in so many ways.  Also, my best finds for a capsule travelling wardrobe, because I am notorious for over-packing.

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