Sunday, 22 July 2012

Save the Whales - Brooch

Over the past week I've been op shopping to find jewellery.  Usually I would be open minded about op shopping around town in charity shops and my favourite haunts in the city and keep an eye out for anything worthwhile and interesting, but not for any particular item or accessory.  However, it has occurred to me that I could really do with more quirky pieces of jewellery to go with my numerous jackets and winter coats.
I found this beautiful humpback whale brooch that I fell in love with at first sight.  It has a silver mark on the back and I managed to get it for $10.00.  I intend to wear it to an assistive technology course coming up on Wednesday.   

The day after finding the whale I came across these sterling silver and shell pendants at one of my favourite op shops.  All seven of them still had the new tags and original prices, after being priced down I bought five of them for $1.99 each and two for $2.99.  They've all got silver stamps and must be the best bargains I've found for some time.

Cowry shell
Paua shell
The paua, cowry and mussel shell pendants.
Silver bargains.


  1. I love all the pieces, but the whale i love.
    I am so very much into animals, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh