Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I came across the Handmade website, which took place in Wellington earlier in June.  The programme was so interesting with some great workshops.  It made me wish that I lived closer and could participate in some of them; in particular the refashioned shirt workshop, the handstitched jewellery and the refashioned lace cardigan workshop.  I know there are tutorials on different blogs that document step-by-step instructions on some of these refashioning projects, but I can't help thinking that working as part of a face to face workshop would add to the whole experience.  

The Lace race; An upcycled cardigan:
The lace cardigan refashion is a project that I would be able to start sooner rather than later, because I have already got a few cardigans in my stash of future projects. 

Here at Tea Rose blog is a very nice example of a refashioned cardigan, with step-by-step embellishments.  I would probably use less embellishments and include some repurposed doilies.  
Embellished knit
Also, see this set of tutorials for embellished knits on Grosgrain.A have a tone-downed version of this cardigan in mind, with a grey woolen cardigan and some black lace from my stash.

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  1. hello Grace I love you vintage cardigan ts beautiful,and very romantic!